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FI Questions about GR/IR in SAP

1. How do we post the FI transactions after doing MIGO?
Does the Migo generate FI postings or do we manually do the posting.
If we do it manually what is the T.Code to do it.
2. How do we reverse an Invoice?
We go to miro and enter a credit memo.
How do we post the reversal entry?

In SAP, the moment you save the MIGO transaction, it automatically generates FI document. It will create following entry:-
Raw Material Stock A/c Dr
To GR/IR Clearing A/c

In MIGO transaction itself, you can post Excise by choosing Capture and Post Excise Invoice. The FI document will be as follows:
RG23A Basic Excise Duty A/c Dr
RG23A Education Cess A/c Dr
To CENVAT Clearing A/c

After doing MIGO, you execute MIRO. In this transaction also, SAP will generate FI document automatically. The entry will be as follows:-
GR/IR Clearing A/c Dr
CENVAT Clearing A/c Dr
VAT Setoff A/c Dr
To AP-Vendor A/c

Reversion of entry of material purchase can be in entered on rejection of material partially or wholly. In this case, you will
have to raise a debit note on the vendor. But before raising debit note, you have to first ensure that the Invoice verification of the material (to be rejected) is complete at the time of purchase.

Purchase documents cannot be reversed directly like pure financial document entry. To reverse the material document,
following procedure should be followed.
1) Create Return Delivery (MIGO)
2) Reverse the Excise Duty Posted (J1IS)
3) Raise the debit Note. (MIRO) * -- Rajesh Birari

Cancel Invoice In MR8M

While cancelling invoice in mr8m, I'm getting a message that FI documents to be cancelled manually. What does this means?

If the cancellation / reversal of MIRO invoice is done through MR8M, only the MM invoice / documents gets reversed but the FI document will not be reversed or cancelled.

We have to follow the following procedure.

1. Goto T.Code MIRO
2. Select Credit Memo in the transaction field.
3. Fill up all the details in the fields for the invoice to be reversed.
4. Give the P.O. no
5. Select the line item to be reversed.
6. Simulate and save.

The impact will be as CR - GR/IR clearing a/c
DR - Vendor a/c

By this procedure, the purchase order history in P.O. will also get updated and there is no requirement of any manual clearing. Only in the Vendor a/c, the DR. and CR should be knock off.


Madhu said...

Can i get the SD/MM activity and effected GLs in FI?
Eg : MIGO : Dr to Material
Cr to GR/IR A/c
MIRO : Dr to GR/IR A/c
Cr to Vendor

Like that can I get for SD/MM activities linked with FI GLs..?
Pls help

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I read this post 2 times. It is very useful.

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Source: Accounting interview questions

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