Friday, February 20, 2009

I got solution for blogger templates error

Getting error on changing of Blogger/Blogspot template - bX-928o1o ?

Here's the solution:

For myself, i deleted all the left-hand side widgets/gadgets, and proceed to steps #4, I managed to have my new template!!

Here's the Step by step solution that i got it from a forum.

1. Make sure you have some sidebar elements before trying to upload the new template (this is so that you get the 'Widgets are about to be deleted warning')

2. You should now have your new template code in place (awaiting widget deletion confirmation)

3 Press cntl+f (find function) and search for 'widget' (without inverted commas)

4 Change the number 1 in the following: b:widget id="Blog1",
b:widget id="BlogArchive1" and b:widget id="Profile1" to 2.

5. Confirm and save

Hope this will be helpful to you, have a nice day :)


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